Ph.D. "Model-based Development of Interactive Applications"

In 2010 I received my Ph.D. for my work on model-based development of interactive applications. My thesis is available directly from the »publisher or from »Amazon.

I'm demonstrating my work in two short movies, showing some of the results in action:

The MP3 Player demonstrates the multimodality. It welcomes a user with speech output, is started by a speech command and afterwards controled by haptic input from a Wii. you can watch it on »YouTube.

Multimodal MP3 Player

The Coffeemachine shows the parallel use of two UIs. The touchscreen is simulated with a mouse. You can watch it on »YouTube.

Multimodal Coffeemachine

Since I retain all rights to my work I'm happy to provide my thesis. If you are interested you can find my address in the Imprint.